When I learned I'd be moving to New York after graduating from UCLA (where I majored in Fine Art/Painting and Motion Picture Animation), my best friend, fraternity brother Bob Stone gave me a black leather bound sketchbook to record my experiences living there. I carried it everywhere, drawing in restaurants, nightclubs, subways, on park benches, even during cabaret and theater performances. I drew pictures of my new friends, some of whom were performing in clubs. I met Barbra Streisand my first night in the city and recorded those early moments. I even re-designed her Look, drawing a more formal portrait that she used as her first professional head shot.

Drawing everywhere became a habit and I still do it today. Since receiving that first sketchbook, I have filled up close to a thousand books with drawings and commentaries on my life in New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

In New York, as a freelance illustrator, I worked for most national magazines, all of the New York newspapers, TV networks, record companies and advertising campaigns for national clients and Broadway and Off Broadway productions.

In 1962, a month-long vacation in Paris turned into a two year stay after Jacques Faure, the Creative Director of Conde Nast offered me an assignment to illustrate a series on food and nightlife for ADAM, a precursor to VOGUE HOMME. This led to more work at other major French publications and eventually, work in Amsterdam and London.

After twenty years away, I returned to my native Los Angeles to work as a film production designer, working first at ZOETROPE STUDIOS as well as subsequently working on independent films (EATING RAOUL, etc.).

This website is a work in progress, there is more to come. I look forward to hearing from you all. Some of you must even be in the sketchbooks!